Polluted Water Mask Dimensions

Also known as a full face diving mask, the polluted water mask dimensions differs among manufacturers. One of the most common sizes is 10 x 8 x 6 inches. However, many other types and sizes are sold in stores.

Basic Design and Purpose

The full face diving mask is a mask that covers the person’s face. It has a demand valve that provides breathing gas for the individual. As the name suggests, the mask is designed to protect the face from dirty water.

At the same time the design allows the diver to see the water clearly. Another feature of the mask is greater breathing security. It also provides room for equipment needed by the diver to communicate with others.

While the polluted water mask dimensions vary, their similar design means greater security for individuals. In case the diver becomes unconscious, they will be able to breathe in the mask. This cannot be done with a mouthpiece, which has to be held between the teeth.


The full face diving mask is utilized frequently by professional divers. However, the mask can also be used in recreational diving. Aside from pollution protection, the mask can also shield the face from cold water.

The mask can also shield the face from jellyfish stings. The face will not be exposed to cold water. There is also none of the discomfort felt when gripping a mouthpiece between the teeth.

How to Use a Polluted Water Mask

The polluted water mask dimensions must fit your face comfortably. It should also be a secure fit. Make sure that you can make good suction around the whole thing. This will prevent water from getting into it.

If you have never used a full faced diving mask before, follow the user manual guide on how to use it. If you are accustomed to wearing other masks, you can enroll in a full face mask diving course.

If you are scuba certified this may not be necessary. However you need to make adjustments if you are currently utilizing another type of mask.

Connect the regulator hose to the mask. This means you no longer have to use a mouthpiece. Now you just have to breathe. You don’t have to breathe via the mouth. You can breathe in the normal manner. However, it can take awhile to get used to breathing normally when underwater.

Tips and Warnings

If you are diving in contaminated water, your head will also need protection. The same goes for your body. Diving in polluted water always presents risks. Be certain your whole body is protected from contamination.

Make sure the mask is made of very strong material. In some instances, the mask will get misty and have to be cleaned. However, there are also some masks that can prevent misting or fogging.

The polluted water mask dimensions are just one aspect you need to address. While protecting your face is important, the need to shield your head and the rest of your body cannot be discounted. This will ensure you are protected at all times.

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