What are the Dimensions of a Baseball?

A game played by two teams with nine players, baseball tests the agility, strength and flexibility of players. baseballThe goal of each player is to hit every ball thrown by the pitcher in order for the team to get a score. Aside from hitting the ball, players should also touch the four assigned bases in the field. Whenever the fielding team gets three outs, it switches place with the batting team. Examples of the major leagues in this sport are the American League, the National League, the World Series and the Major League Baseball. In order to learn more about this sport, it is important to have ideas about the different dimensions of a baseball field.

High School, College and Professional

What are the dimensions of a baseball? The dimensions of the field depend on the league. The measurement of the baseline in high school, college and professional leagues is 90 feet. The distance between home to second is 127 feet and 3 3/8 inches. The radius of skinned field is 95 feet and the measurement from home to front of rubber is 60 feet and 6 inches. When it comes to the home plate, the measurement of the home plate to backstop is 60 feet while the home plate circle measures 26 feet. The base cut out radius in these leagues is 13 feet and the dugout distance is 15 feet. The home run fence dimension is 320 feet to 350 feet while the measurement of the center field is 400 feet. Finally, the pitching mound diameter is 18 feet and the height is 10 inches.

Little League

Regarding the Little League, the dimension of the baseline is 60 feet while the measurement of the home base to second base is 84 feet and 10 ¼ inches. The home base up to the front of the rubber measures 46 feet and the radius of skinned infield is 50 feet. In this league, the dimension of home plate to backstop is 25 feet and the measurement of the home plate circle is 18 feet. The base cut out radius in Little League is 9 feet while the dugout distance is 6 feet. The left field measures 175 feet and the center field measures 225 feet. In terms of the dimensions of the pitching mound, the diameter in this special league is 10 feet. When it comes to the height of the pitching mound, it measures 6 inches.

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