Olympic Swimming Pool Size


If you’re thinking of building your own swimming pool or having someone do it for you, one of the things that you first need to look into is the size of the pool that you want to build.

Of course, the size of your pool will be determined by how much space you have in the front or back yard or wherever it is you’re planning on constructing your pool.

If you want the biggest pool there is, then you are looking at an Olympic swimming pool size. This pool size has dimensions of approximately fifty meters or one hundred sixty-four feet in length and twenty-five meters or eighty-two feet in width.

So you should first make sure that you have the right amount of space to accommodate a pool of this size.

FINA Standards for Olympic Pool Sizing

The Federation Internationale de Natation is an International Federation duly recognized by the International Olympic Committee. FINA determines the exact dimensions of the pool size to be used in Olympic Games.

The specified width and length of the pool are not the only ones that you need to work on when constructing an Olympic swimming pool. The widths and the number of lanes are also regulated in that you have to follow the specific measurements as mandated by FINA.

For this pool size, you need to have ten lanes in equal measurements of 2.5 meters per lane. The outer lanes on either side should not be used during a competition. Swimmers instead start with the lane next to the first lane and up to the lane before the last one.

This means that you have eight lanes for competition while the two outer ones are left empty. 

Other Considerations

There are several other factors that you need to consider in order to build a swimming pool that is fitting for the Olympic Games. Water temperature is also regulated by FINA. This should be between 25 to 28 degrees Celsius or about 77-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

The pool should likewise be at least two meters deep or about six feet and seven inches in depth. Finally, the water volume is also very specific. The pool should have no more than 88,000 cubic feet of water or a minimum of 660,000 gallons in US standard measurements.

As you can see here, building an Olympic size pool takes a lot of considerations but once you have constructed your own, you can use the pool for trainings as well as swimming meets or competitions. 

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