Circular Saw Dimensions


The most common circular saw size for the blade is 7 ¼ inches. There are other sizes available, but this is the most common as it has proven to be very useful. This size will score through 3 inch materials. There are also numerous blade types available for this size. 

Facts about the Circular Saw 

Also known as a buzz saw, the tool is used for cutting a variety of materials ranging from plastic, masonry and metal. The saw is characterized by the metal blade or disc. This has teeth along the edge. There is also a built in mechanism for spinning the disk. Depending on the circular saw size, it can be table mounted or hand held. 

Motor and Amps

If you are going to purchase a circular saw, make sure that it has enough power for the tasks at hand. For woodworkers, a circular saw capable of cutting through thick hardwood and wet timber is a necessity. 

If the power is lacking, the blade will overheat. This will lead to blade dullness. This will make it harder to cut material. A more serious problem is that the blade will push the saw towards you. This can be a safety hazard. 

The amps will indicate the saw’s power. The amps will denote the amount of electricity the tool is using. The horsepower on the other hand, refers to the rotational strength. 

Other Considerations 

Some of the other elements you should look for are adjustable knobs and lever locks. The best types of knobs are those that can be adjusted by hand. Don’t forget the cast metal shoes. This is necessary in case you drop the saw while using it. 

Cost and Weight

A high quality circular saw will set you back a few hundred dollars, but some online stores will sell them at discounts. If you take care of the saw, it will last for several years. Before you buy, spend some time testing and getting a feel for the tool.

The weight will vary, so make sure that you pick the one that is comfortable to work with. Read the manual before using it. This tool can be dangerous if not handled properly. 

Aside from the circular saw size, be certain you are wearing safety glasses. When you use the circular saw, debris will inevitably fly off. The goggles will protect your eyes. Wearing gloves is also a good idea. 

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