Biggest Selling E-Book

It isn’t easy to determine the biggest selling e-books because unlike published books, there are few establishments that keep track of them. But some of the most popular titles are religious books like the King James Bible. How-to books are also big sellers.

How-to Books

The reason why how-to books are so popular is people want information. People want books that can help them in various aspects of life. Some of the most popular how-to books are how to start a business, how to get a job, how to think positive and how to communicate with people effectively. Good examples of these are the “Dummies” books. There are also electronic versions of books with similar themes.

How E-books Become Bestsellers

The most important aspect of course, is the information. No matter what the topic is, the book must provide detailed information about it. One must also check if the topic is marketable. This is easy enough to do. Just check the bestseller lists.

If the topic you plan to write about is there, there will be people willing to pay for it.

Even the biggest selling e-books do not sell as much as the printed book. This is because they are available online. These also require the use of special devices called e-book readers which cost more than printed books.

Easy to Understand

An electronic book can become a bestseller if it is easy to understand. This can be done if a few guidelines are kept in mind. The first is to provide relevant information. The second is focus on the topic only.

Instead of writing “how to use a computer”, you can just focus on how to navigate the web. You can then write other books related to the topic later (i.e., about email, viruses, social networking etc).

Other Information

Book titles are critical. If it is a how to book, “how to” should be included in the title. The title must give people an idea of what the book is about.

Also remember that marketing is crucial. Many well written electronic books do not become big sellers because of lack of proper marketing. The author and the marketing team have to create a “buzz” for the book.

The increasing popularity of electronic books is the reason why many establishments are now beginning to monitor their sales carefully. This only means that the biggest selling e-books will eventually sell even more copies.

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