School Desk Dimensions

School chairs often come with built-in desks. School Desk DimensionsThese desks protrude to the front and are attached to the back rest at one side. They are supported underneath by a vertical or buttressed support. Below are some school desk dimensions to remember when making them.

Desk Area

The measurements of desks for schools are usually sized 0.40 by 0.55 meters. These school desk dimensions can fit most open book and notebook sizes, as well as writing pads. The extended portion connecting the desk to the back rest measures 0.10 by 0.50 meters. This “stem” is found at the lower right tip of the desk for right-handed chairs. The stem is found at the lower left tip for left-handed ones. School desk dimensions for the stem allows enough space for the body to be comfortably settled and move to the front and sideways.

When the measurements of desks for schools are too small or narrow, users may find it hard to place big books and notebooks on them. The ideal is to have them open with two leaves facing the user. Smaller school desk dimensions may necessitate folding notebooks or books to have only one leaf facing the user. Or, having one face suspended at the side of the desk, which is uncomfortable for users.

Desk Height

The desk top height from the seat is usually 0.30 to 0.35 meters. Measurements of desks for schools pertaining to its height from the seat and its surface width should ensure a comfortable positioning of the elbow on the desk for an average user. School desk dimensions should also provide ease and comfort for the arm and back when writing on the desk. A height higher may result to elbow and arm discomfort during prolonged use. It may also cause needless stress on the armpit.

Body Angle When Writing

The body angle when writing on a desk should be carefully considered. A desk height of 0.35 meters from the seat allows the body to incline between 45 to 90 degrees with ease when reading or writing.

Total Chair Weight

School chairs should be easily moved from place to place in a classroom. The weight of a desk bears much in the total weight of a chair. A desk area bigger than what is specified above may result to a burdensome chair too heavy for moving or transferring from one classroom to another. Thus, school desk dimensions should be sized just enough for easy and comfortable reading and writing.

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