Average Living Room Dimensions

Average living room dimensions in the US is 16 x 16 feet (L x W). This figure is applicable for medium to large homes. Small houses usually have 12 x 12 measurements. Some modern homes like living rooms 10 x 12 or 12 x 14. In these homes, more space is given to family rooms.

Factors that Affect Size

However, it all comes down to the size of your home. With luxury homes and mansions, you may find these rooms to be 20 x 20 or even larger. It also depends on the designer. They may prefer to allocate more space to it.

Or it may be reduced in favor of adding a family or entertainment room. Many US homes consider the family and living room to be the same. In 2,000 square foot homes, 16 x 21 and 15 x 20 ft living rooms are not uncommon.


One of the reasons why average living room dimensions is not always followed is the design variation. In large homes, dens are sometimes used in lieu of a living / family room. They are usually ten by twelve or twelve by fourteen feet. Dens are often located just off the foyer.


Designs and colors have a direct effect on spacing. Light colors make even small rooms look large. Dark colors have the opposite effect. Everyone has their own idea when it comes to design and arrangement. But try to keep the purpose of this room in mind.

It can be for relaxing, entertaining guests, serving cocktails or just listening to music. If it’s for conversation and entertaining guests, arrange the seats properly. This means putting the seats and sofas face to face. You can also put an arm chair or another seat close to your coffee table.

Other Suggestions

Designers try to make living rooms proportional to the rest of the house for aesthetic reasons. For a small home, 12 x 12 feet will look fine. This size is also ideal in homes where there are only two people. For a person living alone, this will be more than enough. In larger houses, there is no limit. The starting area is usually 18 x 14 feet. This would provide enough room for an extra couch.

There is no rule saying you have to conform to average living room dimensions. Think of how many people are going to use it. It can also be any shape you want.

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