Super King Size Bed Frame

The super king size bed frames size may vary per region. Some will have measurements of 940 mm x 1890 mm x 2110 mm (W x W x L). Other bed frames will have measurements of 100 cm x 222 cm x 196 cm (H x L x W). Other stores will list the measurements in inches, so you need to be careful when buying.

Bed Frame Facts

The bed frame is the metal or wood outline that serves as the foundation of the bed. It keeps the bed in a standing position. It is also used to keep the mattress in place. Usually the bed frame will include the side boards, footboard and the headboard.

In some super king size bed frames, the bed posts and enter support rail is included. Fancier bed frames will have other features. In some countries the bed frame is known as a bedstead.

Materials and Design

All sorts of materials can be used to make bed frames. The most widely used are brass, metal and wood. There are many types of frames, but the basic design is the same. It will have four legs, two at the front and two at the back.

These are used to support rectangle shaped shelves. This is where the mattress is set. At the top part of the legs on the bed’s foot is the footboard. The head board is located over the legs at the bed’s head. If there are bed posts, they will be found on the sides.

Extra Features

If the bed is large, the frame will have additional wood or metal parts crossing the frame. This will act as a support for the center part. If this bar is not there, the middle section would collapse. This will happen even if the edges are supported. This is only necessary in large beds. Small beds will not need the additional bar.

The headboards are painted in different colors. Some are stained or have fabric on them. More expensive frames have carvings and other designs. In some brass beds, the components will be either pure brass or brass plated. Various designs are available, ranging from Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco and many more.

Whether you decide to buy super king size bed frames or another size, you will have several options to choose from. From the materials, colors and design, there is bound to be one to suit your style.

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