Bar Refrigerator Sizes

A refrigerator is an essential appliance for homes, offices and food businesses as it keeps your vegetable and meats fresh longer, your drinks cold and also helps prolong the life of leftover foods.

A ref, also called fridge, comes in many different styles and sizes. The larger, industrial types are excellent for restaurants and other food businesses while the standard and more compact models are ideal for homes and offices.

Fridge for Small Spaces

If you live alone and are staying in a small apartment; or you want your own ref for your room at the office; a bar refrigerator is what you need. This type of fridge is small enough to fit into almost any compact space and is good enough to keep your drinks cold and preserve a few food items.

Bar refrigerator sizes are about half the height of an average adult person; although you may also find some that are shorter – reaching up to about an inch or two above the knees.

The styles usually differ in the color of the fridge and its door. There are bar refs that have see-thru glass doors although this type is generally used to store drinks, nothing else.

Bar Refrigerator Sizes

A standard size – standard in the sense that it is a common size found in the market – for a bar fridge has the following specifications: 20.079 inches in height; 17.32 inches in width and 18.50 inches in depth.

In millimeters, this fridge size is about 510 high, 440 wide and 470 deep.

If you need one that is just a bit bigger than this, there is a bar fridge that is about 20.55 inches in height, 19.57 inches in width and 19.72 inches in depth. In millimeters, this fridge size is approximately 522 high, 497 wide and 501 deep.

Why do you need to know dimensions in inches and millimeters? Well, because some manufacturers provide their dimensions in inches while others in millimeters.

Knowing both will help you find one that fits into your space whether you measured it in inches or millimeters.


You should also check the features of the bar fridge particularly the defrost method.

There are models that are equipped with automatic defrost and there are also those that will require you to manually defrost the fridge from time to time.

Some refrigerators now also have the “no-frost” feature which is actually a good choice if you do not wish to be bothered with frost problems.

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