Sofa Sizes

Apart from the varied styles and shapes, many different sofa sizes exist. For anyone who wishes to decorate their home, familiarity with the different couch dimensions will be helpful.

Large Couches

The sectional types are the biggest. They are at least 9 feet long and can extend up to 14 feet or more. There is room for several individuals. These are most suitable for large living rooms.

Compared to the standard couch, the sectional types are usually curved. This allows you to fit it in a corner. The sections can also be separated into numerous pieces. You can then position the pieces in different areas around the house.

Medium Size Couches

These are 6 to 8 feet long. Two to three people can sit on it. Also known as the average size couch, this can fit in virtually all living room styles and arrangements. The three seat couch is 31 inches tall and 30 inches deep. However, the height and depth can vary with some models. Check it out first before buying.

Small Sofa Sizes

These couches are usually 5 to 6 ft in length. Also known as loveseats, they are ideal for apartments and smaller living rooms. Some loveseats are less than 5 ft. However, all of these are meant for two people only. Usage is not limited to small living rooms of course. A large living room may use the loveseat as a complement to the main sofa set.

Sofa Beds

As the name suggests, these are couches that can be folded into beds. If you plan on buying one of these, make sure there is sufficient space to fold out the couch. The futon is similar to this. Again, you need to ensure there is enough room for it. These couches are perfect in case you need an extra bed.

How to Choose the Right Sofa

First of all, measure the opening where the couch will be placed. Note this measurement when you go shopping. For large living rooms, this will not be a problem. If you live in an apartment, this aspect cannot be ignored. Fortunately, the specifications can be seen easily online. Make sure that you compare the prices before buying.

They can vary significantly even if the size is the same. Once you have chosen the right sofa sizes, you can go over the materials, color and style. You can buy these online and in many department stores.

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