RGB Linear Batten Dimensions

RGB linear batten dimensions can vary because manufacturers have come out with different designs and specifications. Below are some of the models you may come across. 
Chauvet COLORdash Batten Linear DMX RGB LED Wash Light
This device measures 3.1" x 17.5" x 7.4" (80 x 444 x 188 mm). It weighs 3.6 kg or 8 lbs. This is a liner LED wash made for washing with limited space. 
The COLORdash is equipped with two dozen LEDs. It is most suitable as an accent light or wall wash. The COLORdash comes with brackets so units can be connected in a linear manner. They can also be arranged to produce various effects. 
The operating modes include strobe, micro, dim, ID, RGB and 10 ch. RGB color mixing can be done with the DMX controller or without it. The device has built-in automated applications by way of COLOR CON or DMX. 
Other Features of the Chauvet COLORdash
These include fan speeds that can be adjusted. It comes with powerful 1W (350 mA) LEDs and size M 10 threaded holes for mounting. There is extra power output at 10 units at 120V maximum. 
The package includes a power extension cable 2 m (6.6 ft) long. The unit also has a password protected LCD display. The bracket yoke can be utilized as a stand. 
RGB Linear Batten Dimensions: Pixel PLMBW PixelLine LED RGBA Micro Wash Batten
The dimensions are 206 mm (8.1) length x 166 mm (6.5) width x 84 mm (3.4) height. This batten comes with 22 high powered K2 Luxeon LEDs. The device can produce high color washing. It is most suited for lighting up structures, sets, backdrops and stages. 
The extensive palette can be used to make deeply saturated colors or light pastels. The device can be truss mounted or set on the floor. Another feature of the device is the dimmer curve. This simulates the look of a tungsten lamp. 
The Luxeon K2 LEDs included are amber, blue green and red. There are over 4 billion combinations that can be produced with the system. The beam angle is eight inches but others can be ordered. 
The beam angle output can be changed via its diffusing lenses. The system comes with two sets that have overlapping effects. There are over 30 patterns included. It also has RTGBa Modes. 
The RGB linear batten dimensions is not the only thing that sets these devices apart. Their features can also vary greatly. Keep that in mind when shopping for one. 

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