Angle Grinder Dimensions


The angle grinder is a tool used for the removal of stock from metal work pieces. These are removed by using a rotating abrasive disk. Angle grinders are also known as portable disk grinders. 

Angle Grinder Dimensions

Usually, portable disk grinders do not exceed 7 inches (17.78 cm). Some units can handle disks up to 12 inches (30.38 cm). Other angle grinders have different measurements. Some are 124 mm long and have a 35 mm outside diameter. Other models are 127 mm long.


The angle grinder is frequently found in home workshops and auto repair centers. They are also used in different industries. For home shops, the bench-mounted disk grinders can be used. The bench-mounted grinders can be set up for grinding or sanding up to a foot (3 cm). These tools are specialized, though, so they can be difficult to find. 

The surface grinding machines are composed of larger grinders. They include the double disk grinders and floor model disk grinders. 

Use and Application 

Disk grinders use various kinds of disks, enabling the tool to perform a variety of tasks. Depending on the angle grinder dimensions, the tool can be used for polishing, cutting and grinding. 

This makes the utility useful for emergency rescues as well. Artists employ the tool for sculpting metal. This is particularly useful when sculpting large metal pieces. 

Portable angle grinders can also smooth out welds. When you weld two metal parts, a raised and uneven portion will be visible. Using the grinder, this unsightly part can be removed. 

The operator simply presses the disk face on the welded surface. The tool will grind off the extra metal until the piece is smooth. In a way the tool is very similar to a sander. After the surface is smoothed out, it can be painted on. 

Other Uses 

The disk grinder can also be employed as a cutting tool if the cutoff disk is connected. The cutoff disk is a hard and thin abrasive disk with diamond chips built in. 

If the cutoff disk is utilized, the disk edge, not the face, will be set on the object. If it will be used for cutting, the grinder will rapidly work through the sheet metal. This feature is what makes it useful for emergencies. 

The angle grinder dimensions and specifications will determine the amount of work it can do. That is why it is crucial you study the features of each unit. 

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