Standard Bed Pillow Size

When it comes to buying bed pillows, one should place just as much care and consideration as you would when choosing bed mattresses. Bed pillows can make your sleep even more comfortable and relaxing.

However, getting the wrong pillow might prove to be a health hazard as you might wake up with a stiff neck, migraine or even achy body if you’ve been resting your head on the wrong pillow size or type.

Pillow Sizes

In the United States, there are basically three types of pillow sizes that you can choose from. These are the Standard, Queen and King bed pillows.

Standard bed pillow size is approximately twenty inches by twenty-six inches or roughly about 50.8 centimeters by 66.04 centimeters. This size is ideal for smaller bed mattresses such as the Twin or Single.

A Queen bed pillow measures about twenty inches by thirty inches. This is equivalent to 50.8 by 76.2 in centimeters. This size, as its name suggests, is ideal for a Queen-sized bed mattress.

A King bed pillow is the longest of the three. This is still twenty inches in width but is longer at thirty-six inches in length. These dimensions are about 50.8 centimeters by 91.44 centimeters.

Again, as its name suggests, this size is ideal for a King-sized bed mattress.

Typically, you need two pillows of your specific size to cover both sides of the bed. This means that for a Twin or Single bed, you would need two Standard bed pillows; for a Queen, two Queen pillows and for a King, two King bed pillows.


Pillowcases do not only make your pillows more decorative but more importantly, they keep your pillows clean and also make them easier to maintain as you would only need to regularly wash the cases instead of the pillows themselves.

As with bed pillows, there are also sizes that you can choose from and each one is made specifically to perfectly cover the type of pillow that you have.

For a Standard bed pillow, cases for this are usually at twenty inches by thirty inches or about fifty-one centimeters by seventy-six centimeters.

There is also the Standard Square which is for square-shaped, Standard-sized bed pillows. This measures about sixteen inches by sixteen inches or around forty-one by forty-one centimeters.

For your Queen bed pillow, you may use the Standard pillow case.

As for the King bed pillow, cases for this measure twenty inches by thirty-six inches.

Another pillow case size is the Square. This one measures twenty-six inches by twenty-six inches.

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