Dimensions of a Mini Fridge

A mini fridge is useful for those with little space available. Although these units are all “mini”, their specs differ greatly.

Dimensions of a Mini Fridge: Danby Deluxe Mini Fridge with Freezer

The Danby Deluxe Mini Fridge is 20 ¾ inches wide, 21 inches deep and 32 5/8 inches high. It weighs 75 lbs. The unit has a freezer built in to save space. It also has a recessed handle as well as reversible hinges, both of which are space savers.

The Danby Deluxe also has a push button defrost as well as a high bottle storage facility. The unit also has four wire shelves. The fridge also has the CanStor beverage container. This mini fridge is designed for those who need a personal fridge. It is also suitable for use in a dorm.

Dimensions of a Mini Fridge: Koolatron KWC-4

The Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can mini fridge measures 11 inches x 8 inches x 11 inches. The unit can store up to half a dozen 12 ounce cans of sodas, soft drinks or other drinks. The unit can cool down to 40 degrees below the current temperature.

The mini fridge can still keep the temperature low even on hot days. The unit also has a recessed door handle, which has self locking features. The total capacity is four liters. The Koolatron KWC-4 also has a sliding shelf. The small size means it can be stored in the study room, living room or kitchen.

Dimensions of a Mini Fridge: Micro Cool

The Micro Cool fridge dimensions are 10" x 7 3/4" x 11 3/4". The unit can hold up to a dozen 12 oz cans. The fridge is also ideal for storing sandwiches and keeping fruits fresh. It employs a standard AC adapter.

Alternatively it can use a 12v vehicle power plug. The dimensions of the product are intended to make it portable. The Micro Cool fridge can be used for traveling or in college dorms or the workplace.

The unit is small enough to fit below an office desk. The fact that it can be plugged into an AC outlet means it can be used in an RV or other vehicles. It can also be used to store beverages in the bedroom.

Dimensions of a Mini Fridge: Igloo FR180

The Igloo FR180 measures 20 by 18 by 21 inches. The unit has a stainless steel door with slide out shelves. The Igloo FR180 doesn’t have CFC and uses little energy. Although the fridge is spacious, it has been designed to be a lightweight to make relocating easier. The cold settings can go up to 7 and there is also an ice tray at the top.

Choosing a Mini Fridge

Determine what you want to store. If you just need something to keep drinks cold, the smaller fridges (also called micro fridges) will be sufficient. Get a bigger one if you want to store more food.

The dimensions of a mini fridge are important, but so is the fridge’s durability and features. The many competing products mean you have to do some research before buying a unit.

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