Christmas Lights Size Guide

Christmas lights make all your holiday decorations look more alive and festive. You can wrap string lights around your tree, string them on your walls and even place them on your banister.

There are various string or strand lights that you can find today and their variations are generally divided into four categories: size, type of bulbs, musical or non-musical and color.

Christmas Lights Size Guide

When determining the length of Christmas lights you will be needing for your tree, there is a way to calculate an approximate measurement to get you the right size.

Take the height of your tree in feet and then multiply this by ten. The answer will serve as your rough estimate for the length of Christmas strings lights that you can perfectly wrap around the tree.

You may find that there could be a few extra inches of strand with the above sizing guide. However, it is always better to have something longer as you can easily work this around the tree as compared to getting something that is of shorter length which may leave a specific area on the tree bare of light.

Basically, you will find string lights in measurements of twenty-five, fifty and one hundred feet. The spacing between the light bulbs can be six inches apart, twelve inches, fifteen inches and eighteen inches.

These spacing measurements will help you decide on how closely you want the lights to be, one to the other.

Christmas Lights Buying Tips

When choosing your string or strand lights and you need more than one, it is best to get strings of the same brand to enable you to connect them easily through the sockets of each one.

Getting different brands may result in the male socket not fitting perfectly into the female socket.

Also, check that all the lights are working and if they’re not, immediately have these replaced with new ones prior to paying for your purchase. It is also best to check for the availability of the type of bulbs that go with your strings so you can easily find replacements.

If you are getting your Christmas lights from an online store, check that they have a sound return policy especially if you find out that one or more of the light bulbs are not working after you have received your delivery.

Safety Tip

Make sure that you have all the lights turned off and unplugged before going to bed. Keeping them on for the remainder of the night poses electrical shortages and fire risks. You will also be saving on your electricity bill if you turn them off for the night.

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