How big is a Queen Size Bed


If you have been sleeping on a Full size bed for most of your life, upgrading to a Queen bed could be just what you need to help you get a more relaxing sleep every night, particularly if you are sharing your bed with your partner or spouse.
There are however several types of Queen size beds with differences mostly based on their country of origin, in a manner of speaking.

How Big is a Queen Size Bed?

In the United States, a standard Queen size bed would measure about sixty inches in width and eighty inches in length. If you are getting the standard Queen, you and your spouse or partner will each have a personal space of thirty inches in width.
In Australia, their standard Queen also has the same measurements but in the UK, they do not have a Queen bed size but instead, they have a standard King which is close to the measurements of the standard Queen in the US.
UK standard King measures sixty inches in width by seventy-eight inches in length. Now, if you want a Queen-seized bed from other parts of Europe or Latin America, you will have to make do with their standard King which measures approximately sixty-three inches in width by seventy-nine inches in length.
In Mainland Europe, a Queen size bed measures sixty inches in width by seventy-nine inches in length, just an inch shorter than the US standard Queen.
Non-Standard US Queen Beds Sizes
The best place to get a Queen size bed is in the United States because they give you several other options apart from their standard Queen. 
For starters, there is the California Queen which is about sixty inches in width by eighty-four inches in length which gives you more space lengthwise.
For this size, each person sleeping on the bed will have a personal space of about thirty inches in width.
Next is the Expanded Queen which is wider but has the same length as that of the standard Queen. For this one, width measurement is at sixty-six inches, giving each person about thirty-three inches in width for personal space.
There is also a Super Queen which actually shares the same measurements as that of the Expanded Queen except that this one gives you more depth. 
If you want the longest Queen bed there is in US sizes, get the Olympic Queen which is sixty inches in width and eighty-eight inches in length. 
Now, it is important that you know the exact type of Queen bed that you will be getting to help you get the right beddings that will perfectly fit your bed mattress. 

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