Check-Out Counter Dimensions


The dimensions of checkout counters are varied and hinges on the manufacturer’s design. Some of the sizes you will see are 36 W x 36 H x 24 D inches and 48 L x 20 D x 38 H inches. Other checkout counters measure 60"L x 20"D x 38 H and 70 L x 20 D x 38 H inches. 


The checkout counter consists of a table that separates the buyer and the seller. The buyer puts the goods they purchased on the table and the item is paid for. In other words, the checkout counter serves as the point of sale and where customers are served.

Dimensions of Checkout Counters and Designs 

If you are buying a checkout counter, the size is one of the first things you have to consider. This will vary depending on how much space is available. However it should be able to hold several goods without being crowded. 

The design is essential. One of the most popular choices nowadays is maple veneer but there are other finishes available. A polished looking counter can make even a small store look sophisticated. 

Many prefer to buy preassembled checkout counters as it saves time and effort. This is especially true if the dimensions of the checkout counter are substantial. Not all units can be shipped this way so you have to check first. 

Other Factors to Consider 

Whatever the counter size is, the display on the customer’s sides should be seamless. This means no banding edges are visible. A natural finish is also helpful since it protects the unit from abuse. The quality of the checkout counter has to be top notch as this will be used regularly. 

The recess wall is needed to shield the register. This will also prevent it from shifting backside. The depth will vary, but a depth of 4 inches should be sufficient. Another nice feature is a toe kick on the sides. This will serve as protection from scratches and dents. 

Some checkout counters also have shelves. The ideal shelves are adjustable and with support pins. This will allow you to change the shelves’ height until it is the height you prefer. 

Aside from the dimensions of checkout counters, you might also want to consider an open back design. This is known as a cash wrap counter. This will provide room for on hold items, returned items, bags and other stuff. 

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