Sizes of Wheelchairs

The standard sizes of wheelchairs have set the height between 0.90 meters to 1.10 meters. The distance between the footrest and the seat is 0.30 meters. Between the floor and footrest, the measurement is 0.18 meters to 0.22 meters.

Other Standard Measurements

For safety reasons, the measurement between floor and armrest is 0.70 meters to 0.75 meters. The width is between 0.60 meters to 0.70 meters.

Variations in Measurements

The dimensions specified above are not always applicable. Adults and children obviously have different requirements. Measurements are also sometimes indicated in millimeters (mm) or inches.

For example, the sizes of wheelchairs for adults can be 685 mm (27 inches) for the lap height. The eye level is 1090 to 1295 mm, which is about 43 to 51 inches.

The toe height is 205 mm or 8 inches. The seat height can be expressed as 485 mm or 19 inches. The armrest height can vary, but heights of 760 mm or 30 inches is not uncommon. Other specifications may be indicated on the device.

The outer rear wheels can measure 660 mm / 26 inches. From the outer rear wheels to the front footrests, the distance may be 1065 mm / 42 inches. The footrest width is usually 455 mm / 18 inches.

Pediatric Wheelchairs

Several types are available, including sports, lightweight, specialty, standard and child/junior/growing pediatric wheelchairs. Sizes vary. Some are 3.5 x 8.5, while the medium type is, 3 x 7. The small ones can measure 2.5 x 5.5. Other units have measurements of 305 x 140 x 1340 mm or 550 x 165 x 330 (W x H x D).

Before you buy one, talk to your child’s physical therapist. They will inform you if the child has any specific needs.

Types and Variants

Several variants are available. Some of the more widely used variants are the beach, sport, manual and electric powered. New features are constantly been added. These include motorized assist and stair climbing.

Electric and Manual

Many prefer the motorized or electric type over the manual. The electric versions make it easier for people to move. Using a controller or joystick, the individual will be able to control their movement easily.

The different sizes of wheelchairs should not get you confused. Dealers will provide sizing information. You can also make inquiries as to which type to get. This will be helpful to those who are physically large or have other special needs.

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