Size of Car Gauge Housing Pods

The car gauge housing pods sizes are very diverse. Some are designed to contain 2 1/16th inch gauges. Others have different dimensions to hold more instruments.

Features to Look For

Obviously, the first thing you should check is how much room it has. How many instruments do you want to place there? If possible, get one that has plenty of space. These are also available in different styles; pick one that suits your car interior.

Durability must also be considered. The most important thing to look at is the material used to make the device. One of the best is ABS plastic. ABS plastic is not vulnerable to warping, cracking or fading. Aside from the different car gauge housing pods sizes, some allow you to paint the pod. This is ideal for those who want to truly customize it.

The package should include all the necessary hardware to put the device in place. A foam backing insert can help in the installment of the device.

What is the Gauge Pod?

This is a device that is set to the exterior of the stock gauge cluster. This can be a tachometer when used in race cars. Or it can refer to several gauges that provide information regarding the engine. These pods can be set up in different ways.


The earliest gauges show only the basic functions of the vehicle. This included the speedometer. The level gauge surrounds it. After World War II, different kinds of instruments were developed. During the 1960s, even more varied styles emerged.

Aftermarket Gauges

These are devices you can add to the vehicle. Once considered novelties, these are now widely available and at low costs. Of course, these additional gauges can only be added if you have the pods. Thee devices can be secured to any part of the vehicle.


The A-pillar style gauges are the most widely used today. These are installed on the windshield by the driver’s side. They are available in different designs, so you can find one that fits your car.

The oversized tachometer is also popular. These are most often used on the race track. In some models, the gauge face can be as large as 10 inches. These devices have red and yellow lights. These are warning indicators.

The many car gauge housing pods sizes shows how extensive your options are. More styles are emerging, and it should be easy for you to find one that suits your style.

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