Dimensions of a Lawn Sweeper

Lawn sweeper sizes are determined by the sweeping swath. Common swath sizes include 25 inches, 26 inches, 38 inches, 42 inches, and 44 inches. While these are the most common, other specifications are available.

What is a Lawn Sweeper?

The lawn mower is a light framed push mower. The mower has a catcher. However, it doesn’t have reel blades; rather, the axle turns brushes held in a container. As the device is pushed over the lawn, the brush will spin and comb the grass.

The lawn sweeper will throw back small stones, twigs, leaves and other debris straight into the catcher. This means the catcher can be thrown into a compost pile or the garbage.


Whatever the lawn sweeper sizes are, they are an ecologically friendly alternative to rakes and leaf blowers. Blowers are notorious for their noise. Raking on the other hand, takes a long time.

By contrast, pushing a lawn sweeper is very easy to do. The lawn weeper is highly recommended for yards that have birch, oaks or other trees. Another reason why lawn sweepers are preferred is due to their light weight.

Use and Maintenance

To keep the mower blades sharp, the debris have to be removed regularly. Another nice feature of a lawn sweeper is they brush the turf, allowing the grass to stand tall. This lets you mow the lawn to a uniform height. There are also some lawn sweepers for cleaning walkways and driveways. Light snow can also be removed by lawn sweepers.


While the push style lawn sweeper is very common, there are also tow units available. These can be connected to the riding mower or tractor. These units are ideal for use on large lawns and commercial landscaping. The sweeper width of these models is often bigger than the push style.

The bags are also bigger. These large bags are usually made of canvas. However, some are made from heavy duty nylon or steel. Their catchers are fitted with rollers so the bag doesn’t get dragged across the ground.

The fitted brushes can also be adjusted with ease. To keep these lawn sweepers working, they should be kept dry and cleaned regularly.

What the facts show is that you don’t only have to pick the right lawn sweeper size, but also the type. The swath is especially important. If you have a large lawn, pick the biggest one you can afford.

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