Jig Sizes


When assessing the grinder jig sizes, keep in mind that several measurements can be evaluated. Some have platforms that measure 3 x 5 inches. Others will be larger. In addition, the arm attachment length will vary, with some 25 inches long, while others are 27 inches. 

Grinder Jig Facts 

Sometimes called the jig grinder, it is a tool used for grinding intricate holes and shapes. The tool is used for grinding objects like jigs, hence the name. However, the tool can also be used on gauges and dies. 

Generally speaking, the term grinder is applicable for any equipment that can shape and mold metallic objects. The jig grinder is just one of the tools used for this task.

How the Jig Grinder Works 

While the grinder jig sizes differ, they work in a way similar to all grinding equipment. The machine utilizes abrasion to alter the form of the metallic shapes. 

Rather than slicing the work piece, the shape is altered by spinning wheels. One of the drawbacks with the grinding machine is that they are not very precise. This is where the jig grinder comes in handy, as it is more accurate than the other types. 

Features of the Jig Grinder

The grinder will utilize a detachable air-powered spindle. This is employed to turn the wheels. The wheels by the way, are also known as bits. Some grinders will have adjustable spindles, while others are fixed. Fixed or not, it will allow for rapid grinding. 

The Grinder Wheels and Work Table 

The wheels are also instrumental for grinding. These used to be a problem, but the modern wheels have evolved so they are more durable. During the past, the wheels had to be replaced often as they broke down frequently. 

The work table is also crucial for grinding machines. This is the part where the work piece is sent into the equipment. Many of them have adjustable features to make it easy to use. The features of the working table vary. 

As these can spell the difference between a good grinding job and not, you have to check them out. Majority of jig grinders also have enhanced feeders so they are easier to use. 

Aside from the various grinder jig sizes, the features of these products will vary. Take your time when researching the items so you know exactly what you are getting. This will save you a lot of trouble when you start using the device. 

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