What is the Size of a Crawfish Cage?

Many different crawfish cage dimensions are used by manufacturers. Some traps measure 18.9″ x 8.6″ x 8.6″ and 20″ x 10″ x 8.6″. But there are bigger nets available. But it is fairly easy to make one yourself.

Homemade Cages

If you want to build one, you will need a 20 ft nylon rope, 32 zip-ties, two wire mesh sheets, 8-by-25 inches, wire mesh, 25-by-25 inches and leather gloves.

The first step is to bend the 25 x 25 mesh so it is shaped into a cylinder 25 inches long and 8 inches in diameter. Use eight zip ties to fasten the mesh into place. Next, roll the 25 x 25 mesh sheet so it is shaped like a cone.

There should be a two inch opening on top and an eight inch base. Use four zip ties to fasten the mesh. Next you just repeat this step for the other 8 x 25 sheet. This should be done whatever the crawfish cage dimensions are.

Finishing the Cage

Next you have to place a couple of cone-shaped meshes within the cylindrical object. Set them at opposing ends. They will end up oriented to the middle of the cylinder. Fasten the cones on the outer edges of the cylinder. You will need eight zip ties for this. The cage is finished.

How to Use the Cage

Get a rope. Secure it to the cage. Put the cage in the river where the crawfish is found. Leave the cage there for a few hours. You need to be patient.

Come back after four hours or so. Check if there are any fish captured. Take out one of the zip ties that is fastened on the cones. This will give you room to see the cage interior. If there are none, put it back in the water.


Always wear gloves before when working with the mesh. You must also take into account the size of the cage. You don’t have to make it too big. A very large cage may be difficult to pull out. Also make certain the rope you use is strong. A weak rope will snap when you try to pull up a cage full of crawfish.

There are several crawfish cage dimensions available in stores. If you would rather buy one, look online. You can also find these cages in fishing goods stores. These structures can also be used to catch crabs and other sea creatures.

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