How Big is a Hand Truck?

If you are looking for hand truck sizes, you will see several kinds used. Some are 26 x 16 x 2.5 inches, 30 x 14 x 2.5 inches and many more. The capacity varies too. Some have a 150 lb capacity while others can carry 175 lbs or more. Some products have handles that reach 39 inches.


This utility is used for lifting and moving heavy objects. Suppose you have to carry six boxes. Doing it one at a time will take too long; carrying it simultaneously is impossible. By using this utility, it becomes possible.


The utility is composed of a short platform, handles and a tubular frame. The platform extends from the lowest part. The two wheels are set at the point between the vertical frame and the platform. This is at the L corner.

Depending on the hand truck sizes, the handle may go from the top back of the frame or it may bend from the rear. The frame front may be curved for barrels and drums. In some cases it is squared. Some of the other models have straps. This feature is frequently in units used for hauling freight.


This utility is preferred by those who have to move large boxes for a living. This utility is also used when moving packages and crates. The bigger items are typically set at the truck’s bottom. The lighter objects are placed on the upper level.

Those who use this utility should not stack the boxes too high they cannot see beyond the boxes. They must also be certain they don’t go beyond the capacity of the apparatus. Even if it is within the capacity limit, they must be properly arranged so it remains stable.

Other Information

Usually it is all right to stack items up to the handles level. It may also be stacked up to the frame top. The weight is shifted on the wheels. This is done with a lifting motion backwards. When it is in position, you can maneuver it forward, right or left.

Based on the hand truck sizes, they may or may not be convertible to 4-wheeled hand carts. Some units have handles that telescope.

The frame then becomes the cart body. Another pair of wheels and the metamorphosis into a hand cart is finished. If you move a lot of large boxes, this transformation feature will definitely be worth it. It is also good for handling unstable items.

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