Size of a Medicine Ball

People are getting more conscious about their health state nowadays. A solid proof of that is the amount of health and fitness products currently available in the market and the amount of people patronizing them.

It’s a good thing that people also know that fitness cannot happen overnight. Even with supplements around, you still need great help from proper diet and exercise to achieve your goal. It pays to spend some time on the gym, or if you are too lazy to go anywhere away from home, to install fitness equipments in your household.

If you are putting up a home gym, there is a fitness equipment you should look at: the medicine ball. It does not cost much, does not take too much space, and does help a lot in strength training.

What is a Medicine Ball?

Basically, a medicine ball is a ball with weight, used mostly to supplement some exercise routines. It is a significant tool used in strength training exercises, making a lot of difference on the outcome. That’s why a lot of people prefer to have it around than make do with none.

Size of a Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is available in different sizes. Unlike with other kind of balls, where size is measured according to diameters, medicine ball sizes are measured according to weight. The weight range is between 1 and 30 pounds. Like in most things, finding the right size is quite very important because it can make or break your fitness goal.

When choosing what medicine ball to buy, you have to define your fitness goals first. If you need something that will accompany you quick exercises that require several repetitions, you will a medicine ball that is lightweight. If you need something for your strength training, slow motion exercises that are focused on developing your muscles, heavier medicine balls may be required.

Another consideration on size is your own build. You must not buy a medicine ball that is way too small or too big for your size. It must be proportional to your build. The key here is choosing a medicine ball that you are comfortable moving along with. Anything beyond your comfort zone is not advisable.

Comfort is also a key factor when choosing a medicine ball according to your strength. Choosing a size that is way too heavy with an impression that you will build muscles with it quickly is a big no-no. Starting out with too heavy balls may even hinder your focus on finishing an exercise routine.

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