Lawn Mower Sizes

There are many types of lawnmowers, each with their own set of features. One of the things that a prospective buyer should look for is the size, as it can determine how comfortable you’ll be when working.

Lawnmower Size: Scotts Classic Push Reel

The lawnmower weighs 35 lbs. it is a 20 in reel mower equipped with 10 in dual tracking wheels. The unit allows you to select from 9 grass heights (one to three inches), managed by snap height adjusters. The steel blades are heat treated and with composite wheels.

This lawn mower doesn’t have any complex engine parts, so there is no need to assemble it. The 20 inch cutting path is designed to enable the user to reduce the passes needed to trim the lawn. The steel blades have ball bearings, so the blades will spin as you mow the lawn.

Lawnmower Size: Earthwise 50120

The Earthwise 50120 has a 20 inch cutting path and weighs 60 lbs. The composite wheels are 7 inches and it uses a single control for height adjustments. There is also a cushion grip as well as a blade safety control feature built in.

The whole unit can be assembled by hand, so no power tools are needed. The lawnmower allows you to choose between the side discharge, mulching or bagging. The unit comes with a 12 amp electric motor that works without producing any emissions.

While the front wheels are 7 inches, the rear wheels are an inch bigger. The combination is meant to allow the user to navigate through rougher terrain.

Lawnmower Size: Black & Decker LM175

The Black & Decker LM175 comes with an 18-inch cutting path (range is 100 ft). The unit itself measures 32.5 x 24.8 x 13.1 inches and weighs 35 lbs. The motor is 6.5 amp and it comes with a 1 lever height adjuster.

The control sets all the wheels to the chosen height (1 to 31/2”). There is no need to tune up the machine. It can also be fitted with a side bag. The unit features a polymer deck that is rust resistant. As this is self propelled, there is no need to use gas or oil.

Lawnmower Size: Black & Decker MM875 Lawn Hog

The lawnmower has a 19 inch cutting path (range 100 ft) and comes with a 12 amp motor. The wheels can be set to the chosen height (11/4 to 31/2”). A single lever is used to make these modifications. The unit weighs 52 lbs. The lawnmower can cut through even wet grass. Self propelled, it has a lower noise level than gas lawnmowers.

The Lawn Hog also has cushion grips built in to limit the vibrations that occur. The handle can also be modified by the user. There is also a bag included where clippings can be stored. This can be detached from the unit.
When checking out lawnmower sizes, you need to look at the dimensions of your own lawn. If necessary, you can ask the store personnel for info on what size to get.

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