Sizes of Car Jump Starters

There are many kinds of car jumper starter sizes to pick from. The Clore Automotive JNC660 1700 is 5.10 inches high, 16.30 inches long and 14.10 inches wide. Other starters are not as big and measure only 11.3 x 11.1 x 3.1 inches.


Also known as booster systems, they are utilized to jump start a vehicle in case the battery dies. Designs vary. Some models can reside in the glove compartment. This charges the battery to the point it can start the car. More powerful systems have the ability to inflate the tires. These systems can also generate a work light.


The many car jumper starter sizes allow the vehicle to work as if you used jumper cables. If looking for one, make certain the unit has sufficient power to rev up the car engine. The power specs vary.

A small car will require the same system as a large car or truck. That being said, it is always better to get a unit with as much power as possible. A small car will not use it all up, but having plenty to spare is nice.

How Boosters Work

These boosters function like a charger for a drill. It powers the battery so it will start the vehicle. The smaller systems are those that can be placed in the glove compartment.

You can turn them on by plugging into a power socket or cigarette lighter. These boosters require some time to start a vehicle. But the main advantage is you do not have to work under the hood.

Additional Functions

Most of these starters have additional functionality built in. Some models possess a powerful light so work is easier to do. This is especially important during the evening. Several boosters also have tire inflators.

There are also some with power inverters for 110 volt currents. The 12 volt power port is now commonplace. Not all systems have these features, though.


Starters use the same kind of clamps and cables as those of jumper cables. The thicker the cable, the simpler it will be to move power. This translates to a faster vehicle start. Longer cables make it possible to place the unit on the ground for starting.

The car jumper starter sizes are important, but not as much as the power the unit carries. If you are going to buy one, read the product specs carefully. They must meet the minimum requirements of your vehicle.

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