How Big is a Bug Zapper?

Some bug zapper sizes are 20.2 x 7.7 x 1.2 inches, but others are smaller at 18 x 7 x 1 inches. Some of the others are 22.2 x 9 x 2 inches. But they are all designed to kill insects.

How the Devices Work

These zappers utilize light to draw the insects in. Once the insects come close, the device electrocutes them. The zapper is frequently used to reduce the insect population or infestations in their homes.

Since the devices came out, numerous improvements have been done. Many are not capable of attracting dangerous insects like mosquitoes. Other harmless insects like butterflies and moths are no longer affected.


These devices are not new. The first zappers were made in 1934 by Harrison Chapin and William Folmer. Numerous bug zapper sizes and styles have emerged since then.


The standard zapper looks like a house mesh. The bugs are kept in the roof section. The proceeding layer has a power transformer. This device can produce up to 2000 volts at the wire grids under it. The light is situated between the wire grids.

The wattage varies. Many of the lights used are fluorescent. This does not draw in mosquitoes. But several zappers now have carbon dioxide to attract them.

When an insect comes close by, it will be attracted by the light. When the insect is killed, a sound akin to that of a bee humming will be heard. This will notify you that the creature is dead. You will see the killed insects piled up at the bottom of the structure. If there are a lot of these in your place, this will get filled quickly.

Concerns and Other Issues

One of the potential problems with the device is the tendency to attract, not repel, insects. There are also still some zappers that kill harmless insects. However, researchers have now come up with some non-toxic chemicals to eliminate other insects that are not drawn by ultraviolet light.

Electric Flyswatter

This is one of the more popular variants. This looks a lot like a tennis racquet. The light is set between the grids. A switch will turn on the installed generator. This is what will kill the insects.

Aside from the various bug zapper sizes, the devices vary on the killing efficiency. Go through the product details. The term is also used on other bug killing products, so don’t get confused when you shop for one.

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