Door Mat Dimensions

Also called a welcome mat, the door mat’s main use is toDoor Mat gather the mud and dirt from shoes and sandals of people. There are many various types available.

Here are the most commonly preferred by most buyers:

The Plastic Door Mat

This type of door mat is strong and durable, and is made from Indian coir thread. Some cheap versions of this type are sized around 1m by 1m by 20mm for its overall size. Others created this type with overall measurements of around 11” for its height, 31” for its length, and about 25” for its width.

The Rubber Door Mat

Rubberized mats for the doorway are usually very light in its weight. Its most important feature is its ability to handle different weather situations. These are usually easy to handle, and come in various beautiful designs.

The door mat dimensions vary. These include measurements of around 18W by 30L in inches, 41L by 17W inches, 30L by 18W inches, and others.

The Coir Door Mat

These are being sold in many stores with various colors and sizes to decide on. Although most buyers would like the genuine models, there are also fake ones available. That is why you need to check the stores you are going to get your own coir door mat before you shell out any amount. Some have dimensions of about 20W by 30L inches. Others are being sold with certain measurements of around 38.5 for its width, 23.625 for its length, and about 1.25 for its height in inches.

The Embroidered Door Mat

What’s nice about using an embroidered door mat in your home is that you wouldn’t have to worry about it getting stained that easily even if you use this for many times. Some product measurements are around 30” by 40”, 18” by 30”, or 30” by 18” specifications.

The Cotton Door Mat

Typically, cotton door mats is manufactured with a hundred per cent pure cotton material – making it more adorable and a bit expensive than other mats. Various dimensions are around the measurements of around 50 by 80cm, 65 by 45 cm, 45 by 65 cm, or 87.5cm by 51cm.

The Hand-Made Door Mat

Usually, hand made door mats are filled with artistic prints and designs. You can use this to adorn your doorway, bedrooms, office, hotel, and others. Measurements for these include 18 by 30 inches, 50 by 80 cm, and others.

There are still other types of mat known as the cast iron door mat, the jute door mat, and the sisal door mat – each with their own varying sizes and dimensions.

The door mat dimensions for the common types of door mats used have so many different specifications. That is why you may need to shop around first before arriving at a final decision on what you would like to buy.

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