Luminaire Dimensions

The luminaire dimensions are quite diverse as there are different models available. Here are some of the specifications you may find on the Net. 
AngileLED Luminaire Floodlights
These lights measure 115 X 105 X 85 mm. The net weight is 0.5 kg. The system has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Thee floodlights are best used in temperatures from -40 C- 50 C. The floodlights are applicable for gymnasiums, factories and other establishments that require LEE floodlighting. 
The unit power is 10W with the following operating voltage: AC (85V-265V); frequency (50Hz-60Hz)/DC (12V/24V). The power supply has an efficiency rating of more than 90%. 
The luminous efficiency is 100LM/W. It has a power factor of more than 0.95. The color rendering index is 80. The color temperature is from 2700-7000K. 
Luminaire Line Voltage Clear Reflector Recessed Trim
This recessed clear reflector trim is six inches wide. The design makes it suitable for installing more concealed lighting. The clear cone reflector has a white trim. 
The cone produces a low brightness. It is intended for use with the Non-IC Remodeling recessed light housing, Non-IC New Construction and Luminaire IC New Construction. The device takes a single 100 w bulb. 
Luminaire Line Voltage Black Baffle Recessed Light
This luminaire dimensions give it a a six inch wide aperture. This is a black baffle trim designed for recessed lighting. The black baffle is intended to minimize glare. The end result is better and more relaxing light. 
The device is ideal for use in many places, be it in your home office or the kitchen. This can be used with Non-IC Remodeling recessed light housing, Non-IC New Construction and Luminaire IC New Construction. This will take BR30 light bulb or 75 watt PAR30. 
Buying Luminaire Lighting 
There are many luminaire lighting and related products online. To avoid mistakes, it is best if you go online and do some research. Decide what kind of luminaire product you need. Now look for that in any of the various online stores. Compare the cost of purchase in as many stores as possible. 
When you get an idea of the prices online, you can go ahead and buy it. Some buyers like to check the costs at land based stores. It may be cheaper there after all. The problem when buying at land based stores is the inconvenience and hassle. 
Keep in mind that luminaire dimensions may vary. It is possible for the specs to change at any given time. 

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