How High is The Highest Crane?

It isn’t easy to determine the world’s highest crane because these machines are configured in different ways. Some are moveable, while others are placed atop buildings. This would affect their dimensions. But there are many candidates. These include the CC1260 with a height of 204 meters and the “Kockumskranen" at 140 meters. 
The Tallest and Largest
Some of the biggest gantries can be found in shipyards in Bath, Maine. They are used to construct ships. Some of them are over 400 feet high. These machines are moved using tracks. One of the strongest would be the Titan. It was constructed by the Nazis. 
After the war, it was claimed by the US as war booty. They started using the machine in California and then Panama. The structure is floated into the Panama Canal blocks. It is utilized for lifting door locks on the canal. The Titan can lift over 150 metric tons. 
The Super Post Panamax and Others 
The Super Post Panamax is another candidate for the world’s highest crane. Not only is it immense, but it is also one of the heaviest. Each one weighs over 2000 tons. There are also some many manufacturers that make 125 m high cranes. 
While these are not the tallest, they make up for it by being fast. Some of them can reach speeds of 75 km/h. The one at Burj Dubai is also tall. But its height is augmented by the fact that it is on the edifice. 
The machines made by the Dutch company Mammoet are also among the largest in the world. It has a capacity of 1.600 tons. This is at a radius of 20 meters and 90 meter main boom. The minimum main boom is 67 meters while the maximum is 134 meters. Their machines have 27.5 meter minimum jib. 
The maximum jib is 99 meters. The runner capacity is 45 tons. The diameter ring is 21.5 meters. The ballast is 1,600 tons. The maximum capacity jib with an 80 meter main boom and 27 meter jib is 1,350 tons. 
The Saipem 7000
The Saipem 7000 construction has gantries with a 7,000 ton lift capacity. These are among the largest, be it for sea or land use. The SSCV Thialf has an even bigger capacity. 
The question as to what the world’s highest crane is will take a while to settle. Also keep in mind also that companies are always churning out bigger and larger cranes. 

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