Water Wagon Sizes

Water wagon sizes are determined by their capacity. There are many types available, but the most popular have 500, 1,600 and higher gallon capacities. The following will give you an idea of a wagon’s features. 
John Deere 300D Dimensions 
The wagon is 37.8 ft in long, 11 ft in wide and 14 ft in high. The wheelbase is 20 ft in. The ground clearance is 1.6 ft in. 
Engine Specifications 
The make is John Deere and the model is 6090. The engine has 285 hp net power. The power measured is at 2200 rpm. The displacement is 549 cu in. The torque measured is at 1400 rpm. It has 6 cylinders. The aspiration is turbocharged charge air cooled. 
Operational Specifca8iotns 
The water wagon size means the John Deere 300D has a fuel capacity of 90 gal / 340 L. The hydraulic system fluid capacity is 20.8 gal / 79 L. The cooling system fluid capacity is 8.7 gal / 32.9 L. The engine oil capacity is 6.7 gal / 25.5 L. 
The transmission fluid capacity is 5.8 gal 21.8 L. The operating voltage is 24 V. The alternator supplied amperage is 80 amps. The tire size is 23.5R25. 
The type is ZF 6HP592C Ecomat 2+ fully automatic. There are six forward gears and a single reverse gear. The max speed is 31.1 mph 50 km/h. 
Weight Specifications 
The front axle – empty weight is 23082.4 lb 10470 kg. The empty rear axle weighs 26047.6 lb / 1815 kg. The loaded front axle weighs 31129.3 lb 14120 kg. The loaded rear axle weight is 77084.6 lb / 34965 kg. The total empty weight is 49130 lb / 2285 kg. The weight when loaded is 108213.9 lb / 49085 kg. 
Dump Specifications 
The rated payload is 59083.9 lb / 26800 kg. 
Other Features 
The 300D II has a 7,000 gallon water tank. The pump has a 1,500 gallon high-capacity. The chassis has a 6-wheel drive. The fuel economy features are similar to those of the 300D ADT. The rear frame gives the wagon more stability. This can be compared to a scraper. 
The length makes the vehicle easy to move. The vehicle’s design also allows it to travel more effectively on different terrains. The dimensions also make it easier to move from site to site. 
The information above show how numerous the water wagon sizes and specs are. If you are going to purchase one, ensure that they will meet the project’s requirements. 

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