Diaper Sizes

The diaper is a very important garment commonly used by individuals who are not capable of controlling bowel or bladder movements. Likewise, this sponge-like garment is also for people who are unwilling or unable to use the toilet. It is also referred to as nappy in various nations such as Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Aside from these important facts, it is also interesting to know the different diaper sizes.

The Sizes of Diapers

The smallest type of diaper is the Newborn, which is suitable for neonates of up to 10 pounds. After that, the next size available is called Size 1, which perfectly fits babies who are about 8 pounds to 14 pounds. Meanwhile, Size 2 is best for babies who are 12 pounds to 18 pounds, while Size 3 is suitable for those who are 16 pounds to 28 pounds. There is also the Size 4 for babies who are 22 pounds to 37 pounds, the Size 5 for those who are somewhere around 27 pounds to 35 pounds as well as the Size 6 for babies who are at least 35 pounds and above.

Adult diapers are bigger, the Small size of which can fit individuals with waists measuring about 25 inches to 33 inches. Meanwhile, the Medium size can fit around waists between 34 inches and 44 inches. Large adult diapers are for people whose waists measure around 45 inches to 58 inches, while the Extra Large ones can fit those whose waistlines are between 59 inches and 64 inches.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

Kids commonly use diapers, especially those who are not yet potty trained. Likewise, children who experience bedwetting also need to wear diapers. In adults, individuals who are suffering from incontinence are the most common users of such important sponge-like garment. These include individuals with mental disabilities, those who are mentally ill and the elderly. A diaper can also be very useful when a toilet is inaccessible, such as the case of astronauts.

In unusual situations, diaper fetishists and infantilists use this kind of garment for a variety of recreational purposes including sexual gratification, emotional fulfillment as well as comfort. Instead of referring to this material as adult diaper, it is more appropriate to call it an incontinence pad. This is an easy way to differentiate the adult version from that of babies and small kids.

The modern use of diapers developed first in North America and Europe during the 19th century. In 1887, Maria Allen was responsible for the mass production of cloth diapers in the United States. An individual named George M. Schroder is credited for the invention of disposable diapers made out of nonwoven fabric, which took place in 1947. The two leading brands of high quality diapers are Huggies by Kimberly Clark and Pampers by Procter & Gamble.

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