Corner Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

The standard corner kitchen cabinet sizes are only applicable to the factory built ones. Corner Kitchen CabinetRemember that you can always have these custom built to suit your exact specifications.

Sink and Above the Stove Cabinets

For a sink cabinet the usual measurement is 36” wide. In terms of depth almost all base cabinets measure 24”. If the sink cabinet will be fitted in a corner, the dimensions are usually set at 36” x 36”. But for custom cabinets the measurements are set at 42” x 42”. The 36 x 36 size works for those who use a 90 degree sink.

The corner kitchen cabinet size for above the stove is 30” x 15” high. Some models are three inches higher. Don’t get a cabinet that is less than 15” high. For those with an 8”ceiling, 27” above the stove cabinets will be needed.

Refrigerator Cabinets

The minimum width is 36” but it’s a good idea to get one that is a few inches wider. A lot of refrigerators sold nowadays are 36” wide (or more) so get a cabinet that is wider. Their height is pegged at 15” but get a taller one if it’s necessary.

There are also cabinets for above the fridge. The standard depth is 24” and this will be sufficient for most. This depth will match well with a pantry of equal size. However you can always get a larger corner kitchen cabinet size if necessary.

Other Options

As stated earlier these dimensions are for the factory built ones. You can have one custom built, although it’s likely going to cost more. An alternative is the semi-custom built. These products adhere to the factory standards but usually allow for a few alterations in size.

You should also decide how the dimensions need to be altered. You might want the baking area to be a tad shorter than the 36” for example. Or perhaps you want the dishwasher section to be raised a little. The staggered heights are another consideration. The corner kitchen cabinet size will also be influenced by the presence of an eating area.

Fillers and Designs

Fillers are usually made up of a smooth board. However you can turn them into a decoration. You can go for something fluted or with a spindle like appearance. The filler can also have grooves or a block and plinth. A well made filler can bring a nice touch to the peninsula.

The filler spaces can also function as pull out three tier shelves. You can use this for storing herbs and spices. If the opening is less than 9” you can put small shelves there. It’s also possible to put baskets there.

When choosing what filler or cabinet to buy, think of the overall theme of your kitchen. You’ll want something practical, but that doesn’t mean it should look plain.

The standard corner kitchen cabinet size should not limit your designs. Whether you go for the factory or custom built, you should use your creativity to bring functionality to your kitchen.

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