Blade Sizes

A blade refers to the flat cutting edge portion of a pointed tool. Blades can refer to knives, objects used for shaving, cutting, the sharp objects used for mixers and many others. This only means the blade dimensions vary and differ. For example there are knife blades ranging from 4 inches to those over 8 inches long.


Usage of blades varies greatly. They can be used in fighting, preparing food, cutting objects, making crafts and various utility tasks. If the blade is used for preparing food, it is mainly for slicing on the object, usually with a bit of pressure applied. Blades are also used for chopping food. Blades can also be used to pierce food.

Blades are also used extensively in combat and fighting. It is used in a slashing manner (swinging the blade) or plunging the blade (commencing with the tip and going deep). In the case of a throwing knife, it is hurled. Various blade dimensions are also used for scraping. Here the blade is move sideways across a surface.

Different Knife Blade Patterns

The normal blade will have a flat back and curving edge. The dull back permits the welder to apply force with the fingers. No matter what the size is, the knife is usually heavy. This knife can be used for picking, slicing and chopping.

The trailing point blade curves up and has an edge on its back. This gives the knife a bigger curve. It is often used for slashing or slicing. The cutting area here is bigger than most other knives.

The clip-point blade is similar to the normal blade but the back is clipped. This makes the tip sharper. The tip is used for cutting tight spots or as a pick. The drop point knife possesses a convex curve at the back up to the point.

The drop point is featured in some of the larger Swiss Army knives. A spear point blade is symmetrical. The point is in line with the middle of the blade’s axis. The spear points may be single or double edged.

The needle point blade is tapered with a twin edge blade. This is often used for combat blades. Its main advantage is that it can plunge in deep. However, it can break if it is abused.

The blade dimensions differ and so are the types. Their varied uses have made them an indispensible feature in homes, the kitchen and other places.

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