Size of an Accordion

There are many different accordion sizes, with many claiming to be full size. To fit the specification though, there should be 19 inches of treble keyboard, 41 treble keys and 120 basses.

More about Accordion Dimensions

Unless the keyboard size is 19 inches, an accordion cannot be considered full size. It means the white piano keys have to measure 19 inches (the frame is not part of it). Using these figures, each key would measure 3/4 of an inch. This is smaller than even the smallest pianos.

The full accordion sizes are extremely popular for musicians with large hands. Those with small hands however, can avail of smaller keyboards. For example, there are keyboards 14 1/2”, 14 3/4”, 14 7/8”, 15”, 15 3/8”, 15 1/2”, 15 3/4”, 16”, 16 1/2”, 16 3/4”, 17”, 17 1/8”, 17 3/8” 17 1/2” 17 3/4”, 18”, 18 1/8”, 18 1/2”, 18 3/4” and so on. It should be noted that the term full size is applicable only to piano accordions. The button accordions are different.


These instruments have been in use as far back as 18th century Europe. They figured prominently in European folk dances. However, there is evidence that an accordion-type instrument called the cheng existed in China 5,000 years ago.

According to one theory, European explorers in Asia brought the cheng to Europe. German musicians modified the cheng. By the 1700s, the accordion as we know it slowly came into form. Variations would appear, such as the aeoline and flutina.


The piece is categorized as a wind instrument. A standard accordion is equipped with a couple of keyboards. Other features have been implemented in modern devices. All of them can produce flats or sharps. Numerous octaves of notes can also be produced. There are now also custom versions being sold in stores. One of the nice things about the instruments is they can be decorated in lavish ways.

While the instrument is mostly identified with European music, it is also used In Mexico. The instrument can stand on its own. However, there are times when it can be used with other musical instruments. That is one of the reasons why it is very popular among kids and adults today.

While there are many different accordion sizes, many of them are diatonic. It means unique sounds are generated. The sound produced hinges on whether the air is pushed out or pulled at the bellows.

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