How big is a 3 Month Old Fetus



During the third month of pregnancy, the fetus will begin to have more defined features, where fingers and toes are more prominent and the baby’s sexual organ will be more visible during an ultrasound procedure.
This means that by this time, parents will know for sure their baby’s gender. The baby’s size however, is still too small for the mother to actually feel the baby’s movements and you will not yet see at this point the mother’s stomach suddenly jerking because of the baby’s movements.
How Big is a 3-Month Old Fetus?
At the end of the 3rd month, the fetus will now be about three inches in length or approximately seven centimeters long. Its weight will have increased as well. Generally, a three-month old fetus will weigh approximately one-half of an ounce or about fourteen grams.
The third month is the final stage of the 1st trimester of pregnancy.
Baby’s Development
During this time, the baby’s features will become more prominent. Through the ultrasound, you may notice that the baby’s arms are longer than his legs; his fingers and toes are now more defined; and if the baby is awake during the ultrasound, you may catch a glimpse of him moving his arms, legs and head about. 
You may also notice that he begins to move his mouth, through open and close movements. Hair may start to appear on his head. One very noticeable feature is the head because its size is relatively large, not yet quite in proportion to his body.
The baby’s kidneys will now have developed as well and started functioning, releasing urine through the bladder. The rest of his organs are likewise functional by this time.
By the end of the 3rd month, the umbilical cord that connects the baby to the mother will now also be fully developed, functioning now to carry nutrients to the body and eliminates waste.
Mother’s Changes
By this time, the nausea and vomiting will have considerably subsided; and the mother may feel a bit more up and up; in contrast to the sluggishness usually experienced during the second month of pregnancy.
Frequent visits to the bathroom to urinate and mood swings will likewise have lessened a bit. 
Weight gain at this time will most likely not be significant yet particularly if the mother suffered from morning sickness. The belly however will look a bit distended by this time although it is not yet so significant that the mother will have to fit into maternity clothes.

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