Dimensions of a Hockey Net

A sport known for its physical and fast-paced aspects, hockey is a highly competitive sport popularized by the National Hockey League. It is widely played in many Nordic countries including Slovakia, the Czech Republic as well as Finland. In addition, it is also played a lot in North American countries, especially in the U.S. and Canada. Besides the hockey puck, the hockey stick and the goal, another important aspect of the game is the net. To understand how big this part of the net is, it is good to know the dimensions of a hockey net.

The Standard Hockey Net Dimensions

The standard size of hockey nets is 6 feet wide and 4 feet high. Each hole in the net is approximately ½-inch in size. The primary material used for the net is nylon cord, the standard color of which is white. Each of the two goals in every hockey field has a net, which is supported by two detachable posts. Each of the studs that are used to attach the posts onto the ice measures 10 inches long. Furthermore, the posts are then connected to each other at the top by a cross bar, the length of which is 6 feet.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

The interesting and competitive aspects of hockey as a sport has not only gained the interest of men, but also of women. Today, female hockey players participate in high levels of international competitions. Two of the premier leagues dedicated for this specific purpose are the Western Women’s Hockey League and the Canadian Women’s Hockey League.

Each player must have the right equipment before it is possible to compete in hockey. These include elbow pads, shoulder pads and a helmet. For added protection, it is very important for each individual to have heavily padded shorts, protective gloves as well as a mouth guard. Likewise, it is also necessary to wear additional protection and support like a neck protector, shin pads and an athletic jock strap. For goaltenders, each one must have leg pads, catch gloves and a chest protector.

Because hockey is a contact and collision sport, injuries are quite common amongst players. Some of the elements that contribute to these problems include hockey pucks, hockey sticks and skate blades. Amongst the different types of injuries that hockey players suffer, head injuries are the most common.
Yearly, Europeans highly anticipate the prestigious Ice Hockey World Championships. On the other hand, fans in North America, look forward to the Stanley Cup of the National Hockey League, especially the playoffs.

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