Football Dimensions

A popular sport that is played by two opposing teams in a large and spacious field, football tests the ability of players to work footballwith their teammates to attain the game’s primary objective. The main objective of the game is to score by kicking the ball to the end line of the opposing team. To be advantageous over their opponents, players should have ideas about the various football dimensions. Provided below are the comparisons of the dimensions of fields used in high school league, college league, National Football League (also known as NFL) and the Canadian Football League (also known as CFL).

Overall Football Dimensions

The overall dimensions in the first three leagues are the same. The length of the fields is 120 yards. The fields have a width of 53 ½ yards. On the other hand, in the Canadian Football League, the field has a length of 150 yards and a width of 65 yards.

End Zone Depth

When it comes to the end zone depth, the fields used in the NFL, high school league and college league have an end zone that measures 10 yards. The end zone in the CFL measures 20 yards.

Dimensions of the Goal Posts

Goal posts used in the high school league has different dimensions with the posts used in the other leagues. For the first mentioned league, the posts have a width of 23 feet and four inches and a height of 10 feet. In the other leagues, the goal posts have a width of 18 feet and six inches while the height measures 10 feet.

Hash Marks and Team Benches

When it comes to the hash marks, players participating in high school leagues should know that the marks in the fields are 53 feet and four inches wide. On the other hand, in college leagues, the marks measure 40 feet wide. For the NFL, the width of the marks measure 18 feet and six inches while for the CFL, the marks measure 17 yards wide. In all the leagues, the team benches are found at the middle of the 30 yard markers parallel to the restraining line.

Other Important Football Dimensions

The other important football dimensions include the dead line or the end line border as well as the restraining line. The dead line or the end line border has the same dimensions in all the leagues, which is six feet long. To prevent non players from going to the playing area, every football field has a restraining line which is six inches long In order to restrain non-players from entering the playing area, all fields have restraining line parallel to the side lines.

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