Ski Sizes


Using the appropriate ski sizes is not only tantamount to your enjoyment of your favorite winter sport but more importantly, it could spell a huge difference between skiing safely and endangering yourself by using an inappropriately-sized pair of skis.

Ill-fitting skis are harder to manage as you go down the slopes and you are also more prone to a lot more accidents on the slopes. For these reasons, it is of utmost importance that you carefully choose your skis before you slide down the slopes.

How to Choose Skis

Before you begin to purchase your pair of skis, there are several essential things that you should check first to ensure that you will be getting the appropriate ski size as well as the right type of skis for the kind of riding that you want to do with them.

First of all, what is your level of expertise when it comes to skiing and where do you usually ski? Your answer to these two questions will help you select the right type of ski. 

There are skis that are more appropriate for beginners and there are those that are perfect for advanced and expert skiers. 

As for ski size, the general rule of thumb is that the skis should be anywhere between your chin and your head when in an upright position. For beginners, skis that reach up to the bottom of your chin are recommended.

Shorter skis are also ideal for those who are lightweight and also those that make short turns when skiing.

Longer skis, those that reach your head, are recommended for aggressive skiers. These are likewise recommended for those whose weight is more than the normal weight for their height.

Ski Sizes

Skis come in many different sizes which makes looking for the right pair for kids as well as adults won’t be a problem. 

Depending on your skiing supplies shop, skis start at 4 feet and 4 inches or about 132 centimeters. You can find size increases in increments of two inches which means that if you are given a pair that is 4 feet and 4 inches but you want something longer, the next size will be 4 feet and 6 inches.

Again, depending on your supplier, the two-inch increase can go all the way up to the biggest size which is 6 feet and 4 inches. 

If this is your first time to get skis, it is best that you ask people you trust for recommendations on the ski brands and manufacturers. You may also find more information about ski makers on the internet.

It would greatly help you decide on the best pair of skis if you do a bit of research first, compare and contrast several pairs before buying one.

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