Harness Size Guide


The harness size guide offered by companies differs because there are many types. The following is an example of the harness specs used for mountain climbing. 

Sizes Used for Mountain Climbing Harnesses

Men’s sizes are available in XS (waist: 24"-26"; leg: 18"-20"), small (waist: 26"-29"; leg: 19"-22"), medium (waist: 29"-32"; leg: 21"-24"), large (waist: 32"-35"; leg: 23"-26"), XL (waist: 35"-38"; leg: 25"-28") and XXL (waist: 38"-42"; leg: 27"-30"). 

For women the usual available sizes are XS (waist: 24"-26"; leg: 19"-22"), small (waist: 26"-29"; leg: 21"-24"), medium (waist: 29"-32"; leg: 23"-26") and large (waist: 32"-35"; leg: 25"-28").

The harness size for youths and juniors differ, but the most common are small (waist: 22"-24; leg: 14"-16") and large (waist: 25"-27"; leg: 16"-18"). In addition to the different sizes, there are also many kinds of mountain climbing harnesses. 

Sit String Harness

The sit string is made up of two leg loops and a waist belt. These are usually joined to the front of the hips through the belay loop. The belay loop is a webbing loop. These are the harnesses utilized for recreational pursuits like rock-climbing. 

These are preferred because they provide wider movement without compromising safety. The important thing about the harness size is that it must fit properly. Unless the fit is proper, pain in the upper thigh will be felt. 

Chest Harness 

This harness is donned around the shoulders. It typically comes with a sit harness to give additional attachment points up the body. This will improve balance. This can be handy especially when one is lifting a large pack. This is also handy if an individual is unable to sustain an upright stance due to injury. 

Full Body Harness 

The full body harness is a combination of the chest harness and sit harness. These can be permanently attached to each other or not. These harnesses provide numerous attachment points. The full harness is usually employed in rescue missions. This is also the type used by small kids when they climb. 

There are other types of harnesses available. The most basic is one constructed from nylon or rope secured around the waist. The more sophisticated harnesses have more options for handling accessories. Modern harnesses also come with gear loops, padding and other safety features. 

The harness size indicated here is just for the climbing harness. There are harnesses for dogs, children, horses, cable harness and many more. These harnesses have different measurements and specifications. 

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