Cricket Court Dimensions

Cricket is a high scoring game played by two teams composed of 11 players. Cricket CourtA match in cricket is played on a grass covered field with players using a ball and a bat. In the center of the field you have what is called a pitch, which is flat strip of earth. One of the fundamentals one needs to learn in this game is the dimensions of the cricket court.

Dimensions of a Cricket Court

Pitch: The pitch is a distinct feature of the cricket court and is located at the center. You should be careful about keeping to its recommended dimensions. It is 20.12 meters in length with a width of 3.05 meters. Both ends of the pitch are bounded by a set of wickets and the bowling creases. Wickets are the wooden structures that look like stakes that have been driven in the ground with cross pieces that players call bails.

The pitch should also follow the sloping pattern of the oval but should not exceed one percent when as it slopes from the center of the cricket court. It should however be as flat as it is possible to make when you inspect the center. A good amount of fall is one that does not exceed 30 millimeters across its length.

In addition, the pitch square should be above the outfield. A bit of elevation about 75 millimeters above the outfield’s level will do quite well. This allows for proper drainage of the pitch’s surface.

Bowling Crease: The bowling crease is the line that runs through the three stumps at the end. The bowling crease has a length of 2.64 meters and has the stumps positioned at the center.

Popping Crease: The popping crease is located at the very front of the bowling crease. It is also positioned parallel to the bowling crease and is 1.22 meters wide. It’s marked 1.83 meters on either side of the stumps as a minimum.

Return Crease: The dimensions of the return crease are also relative to the stumps. It is positioned behind the popping crease at 2.44 meters. It’s positioned 1.32 meters from any side of the center of the stumps.

Cricket Field: Now that we have all the dimensions of the cricket court specified above, it will be easier to determine the measurements of the cricket field. The cricket field does not have any specifically fixed dimensions. It’s an oval shaped grassy field with a diameter that varies from 137 meters to 150 meters. Most grounds have a rope that marks the cricket field’s perimeter. The size and shape of the cricket field is relative to the dimensions of the pitch.

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