Hockey Rink Dimensions

The dimensions of a hockey rink as described below are used in the National Hockey League. These figures and measurements are also used in virtually all games played in North America.

Hockey Rink Size

The rink measures 200 ft long (61 m). It has a width of 85 ft (or 26 m). The shape forms an arc and holds a radius of 28 ft (8.5 m). The structure is enfolded by boards measuring between 40” and 48”.

These are made of fiberglass or wood. Rules dictate that these boards be white. The only exception is when they are used for advertising. A yellow kickplate is set around the boards.

Positions of the Net and Goal Posts

Other vital dimensions of a hockey rink are the net and goal posts. The net is situated in the midst of a 2” wide line. It is 13 ft from the rink’s rear. The net is placed in the middle of the side boards. This line moves along the rink’s width all the way to the boards. This is referred to as the goal line.

The net is clamped down by two pegs measuring 8”. On occasions wherein the rink is longer than 200 ft, the goal line should be set no further than 15 ft from the boards.

The goal posts are 48” tall. It is 6 ft apart. A nylon mesh is connected to the net. This prevents the puck from flying off when it goes through hockey rinkthe net. A white canvas skirt is set at the net’s foundation.

The dimensions of a hockey rink dictate this skirt must be secured 6” from the goal post. It can’t go above 1” from the base plate either. The posts and cross bars are colored red.

Sections of the Ice Rink

A red line 2” wide is set in front of the goal. This is known as the goal crease. This section extends up to 4 ft. it’s identified by its light blue shade. The inner goal area is white.

The ice rink is separated into three segments. Two lines (colored blue) are set 60” away from the goal lines. Both lines are 12” wide. The defense zone is the area where one team defends their goal.

The attack zone is the other end. The middle segment is the neutral zone in the dimensions of a hockey rink. The red center line is 12” wide. It cuts the rink equally.

The Center Spot and Face Offs

The rink center is marked by a blue point measuring 12”. The face off spots in the neutral zone measure 2” in diameter. They are 44 ft from each other. The end zone face off spots is marked red. It is also 2” in diameter.

There is also a 3” line along the boards. There is also a circle measuring 15” with lines measuring 2” wide. A couple of red lines are set on the edge.

These lines are used for player positioning. The face off circles is 20 ft away from the goal. It is also 22 ft from the line along the 2 goals. These are the dimensions of a hockey rink used in the America today, and likely to remain unchanged.

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