How Big is a Touring Bike?

Touring bike dimensions and specifications are diverse. The figures below should give you an indication of the sizes used by manufacturers.

Victory Touring Cruisers

The Victory women’s bike has 26 inch wheels and a 17 inch alloy frame. The 7-speed bike has alloy brakes and alloy wheels. There are rear and front fenders, spring cushion seat and Shimano Revo twist shifter.

The men’s version also has 26 inch wheels and a 19 inch alloy frame. There are 7 speeds with a Shimano Revo twist shifter. The wheels are alloy and there are also rear and front fenders. Overall, the touring bike dimensions are almost the same as the women’s.


These bikes are made for bicycle touring. These bikes have extra features that allow them to bring extra load. The wheelbase is typically long. The frames used are more flexible compared to other bikes. Because they have to carry a lot of load, the wheels are heavy duty.

Road Touring

These bicycles are created so the ride is stable and comfortable. Some are designed to have fender attachments. There are also points for panniers and carrier racks. Contemporary bikes have 700C (622 mm) wheels. In terms of size this is the same as a racing bicycle.

But this figure is not standardized. Some have greater frame clearance and bigger rims. Prior to the 1980s, most bikes were created with 27-inch (630 mm) wheels. The 26 inch wheels are used for both on-road and off-road use. Some riders like the small wheels because it is lighter.

Sport Touring

These bikes are noted for being light. The tires used are around 25–28 mm (1 – 1.125-inch) in size. The geometry is somewhat more relaxed. But it is faster than the standard road touring bicycle.

These bikes handle faster and are generally fast. Given its size, the bike is designed to carry light loads and a single rider. Some variants can carry slim fenders. However, not all of them do because it will slow the bike down.

Expedition Touring

There are variants, depending on the terrain and the weight that must be carried. Many of them are robustly built. They can also traverse rough terrains.

The touring bike dimensions vary because there are so many types available. Some are variations of mountain bikes. Others have extra features like mudguards, panniers, racks and many more. Most of the time, the bikes are constructed with steel frames. The standard expedition bike has 26 inch wheels.

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