Sleeping Bag Sizes

Sleeping outdoors like in camps or elsewhere may require you to bring along a Sleeping Bagcomfortable sleeping bag to have your much-needed rest with. But some may probably argue that it sometimes takes much effort in carrying a sleeping bag that they do not like to burden with such a task. So to make your task of lugging your sleeping bag from your home to the outdoors an easier one, you have to learn a few things about its shape and size, and what you should go for.

Sleeping bag sizes are made differently to give each individual the various needs that the person is seeking for. These are typically classified as below:

The Women-Specific Sleeping Bag

Aptly named for this type of product, these sleeping bags are designed to fit the requirements of the body shape of women. This is created as such to give importance for women having a good night’s sleep with a handy sleeping bag to snuggle into. The measurements usually follow the body’s contours especially at the hips and shoulders.

While most are made for women, there are also other models that can be used by men, too.

Dimensions are about 8 by 18 by 18 inches. Others have about 74 inches by 28.5 inches, and can fit about five (5) feet and six (6) inches.

There are also some with approximately 87 inches by 34 inches by 22 inches, with a weight of about 11 lbs and 3oz.

The Mummy Bag

When you use this type of sleeping bag, you would be pleased to know that only a minimum body heat amount is needed to let you drift off to sleep when encased in its covers.

Those who have a fear or phobia known as claustrophobia may not benefit from using a mummy bag since it encases you like a mummy.

Possible sizes would include: 230 by 80 by 60 cm. Others sell their models bearing about a large type with sizes around 33 inches by 84 inches.

The Rectangular Bag

Rectangular types are more spacious and cooler than others that it lets you toss and turn easily without disturbing you. The bags would normally have a standard size of about 33 inches by 80 inches with a pack weight of 2 lbs and 12 oz and a pack size of around 7 inches by 12 inches.

The Semi-Rectangular Bag

This type usually has a foot that is tapered and a hood that is contoured. This also provides ample sleeping space for the user.

A stuff size of this bag is set at around 8 by 17 inches. You may also find some products that have dimensions of about 83 inches by 32.5 inches that can fit up to 6 ft and 6 inches.

To have a good night’s rest outdoors, it is readily important to get the suitable sleeping bag sizes for this purpose. Just take note of some of the figures above to help guide you with your choice.

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