Vodka Bottle Dimensions

If you’ve tasted Vodka – that rich, colorless mixture of alcohol, water, (and, perhaps, one essential ingredient or a combination of more ingredients such as) wheat, corn, potato, molasses, barley, beets, and rye – then, you probably must have seen its various Vodka brands in the market. But have you ever wondered if all those brands have the same Vodka bottle dimensions followed by their manufacturers?

Here are some of the popular brands:

Absolute Vodka

The Absolute is said to have Vodka bottle dimensions of around 11.5 inches by 6.5 inches. Those measurements seem to comprise its overall dimensions for the bottle.

Others have around 596 by 716 by 1705 for its outside dimensions.

Glassware that can be used for enjoying Vodka may have typical measurements of around 9.5 wide by 7.5 deep by 4.25 deep. This is also measured in inches, and is said to be based from the iconic form of the Vodka bottle.


Typically, the Belvedere Vodka has a bottle size of 750 ml with dimensions of 15 by 6 by 12 inches.

You may also find other sizes having these measurements: About 50 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, and 1000 ml.

Other sizes include: The Magnum size, which is about 1500 ml; the Jeroboam size that is around 3000 ml; and the bottles around 6000 ml that is referred to as the Methuselah size.


Just like the Belvedere Vodka bottles, the Chopin bottles are also sold in the market in various sizes from 50 ml to 1750 ml. It also follows the typical dimensions for Belvedere and Absolute.

Grey Goose

Dimensions for the Grey Goose Vodka bottle is around 1/4 for its width and about 2/4 for its height. Most popular among Vodka drinkers for this brand of Vodka is the 750 ml bottle, although the other sizes are also frequently bought in many liquor stores.


For a Smirnoff Vodka bottle, the dimensions are about 285 mm by 70 mm. A medium sized bottle has dimensions of around 9 by 2 by 8.75 for its width, depth, and height.


From Netherlands comes the Vox Vodka. The product dimensions for the Vox Vodka bottle has these specifications: 9.1 by 6.1 by 0.8 in inches.

While some may like to drink this brand of Vodka without ice, many say that it is really best to have it chilled before using.

From these measurements mentioned of the various brands of Vodka, you may see that there is not much difference with its Vodka bottle dimensions. Why are there similar measurements? Perhaps, most manufacturers would like to have these typical measurements to make Vodka more known to many drinkers than other types of liquors.

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