Hedge Trimmer Sizes

Planting hedges are a visually appealing and environment friendly way of defining the boundaries of your property and providing privacy to your yard. Trimmed hedges accentuate the visual appeal of a well-manicured lawn. That is why trimming your hedges is a chore that you must necessarily undertake each time you mow your lawn. However, it could also be a backbreaking and time-consuming job especially when performed with a pair of manual shears. A power hedge trimmer is the hands down choice as the best garden tool that could save your time and your back. If you are planning to buy one, remember that hedge trimmer sizes must be appropriate to the kind of job that you intend to perform.

Before heading off to your nearest dealer, take a long hard look at your property. A sprawling landscape surrounded by hedges would require a heavy duty trimmer but if you’ve got only a couple of small hedges, a smaller trimmer that would be light on your back and your pocket would be sufficient for the job. Hedge trimmer sizes typically come in blade lengths that range from 14 to 30 inches. A longer blade will be able to cut faster even extremely dense hedgerows, but it would also mean a heavier garden equipment to lug around.

Corded electric trimmers that can be plugged into ordinary household AC outlets are the easiest to use. They are easy to maintain, too—just keep the blades clean and well lubricated. In terms of blade lengths, there is a wide variety of electric hedge trimmer sizes to choose from. Short blades are appropriate for smaller hedges while those with longer blades are best suited for tall and dense hedges. The cordless electric trimmer that is powered by a rechargeable battery gives you the option to trim hedges that are located far from AC outlets. For light trimming jobs and shaping delicate shrubs, cordless trimmers can run for up to 40 minutes provided you keep the battery cells active by recharging them once every quarter.

If you have a large sprawling yard and rows of hedges, a gas trimmer is the way to go. Just like a cordless trimmer, you can bring it to the farthest reaches of your property. But unlike a cordless trimmer, it is more powerful and capable of running for a much longer period of time. One disadvantage, though, of a gas trimmer is that it is heavier and its motor is noisier and emits exhaust fumes. Armed with these basics, you are now in a better position to choose which of the hedge trimmer sizes is best suited for your garden maintenance needs.

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