Bench Size Guide

Benches can be a fine addition to your room or other areas of the house. As these benches show, they can be utilized for storage and other ways too.

Bench Dimensions: Winsome Verona Storage Bench

The Verona Storage Bench measures 40 inches long x 14.2 inches deep x 22 inches high. It weighs 18 lbs. The bench has two shelves as well as three foldable baskets. The bench is crafted from wood and has walnut stain.

There are two types of fabric to choose from: beige and black. The design is simple yet is compatible with various styles. The Verona Storage Bench includes the hardware and tools required to assemble the structure. The top is large and has two shelves under it. The three fabric baskets are at the bottom shelf.

Bench Dimensions: 2x4basics AnySize

The 2x4basics AnySize bench measures 15 x 6 x 16 inches and weighs 10 lbs. The 2x4basics AnySize kit lets you build a bench or table. It is constructed of maintenance free resin and designed to last.

There are a couple of bench end supports included. Using the kit, it is also possible to make an 8 ft footrest or side table. You can also make a coffee table or picnic bench. Assembling the bench requires only a saw and screwdriver.

The color is sand. The bench can be used with other AnySize furniture. There are no miters or angles needed; only 90 degree cuts are necessary. 

Bench Dimensions: Prepac Sonoma

The Prepac Sonoma Storage Bench measures 48 x 15-3/4 x 20 inches. The bench weighs 48 lbs. This bench requires assembly. The material used is wood with Melamine laminate. It has a contemporary finish and comes with supportive curved kick plate between the bench end panels.

The Prepac Sonoma bench has MDF top. The hardware required to put the bench together is included. Set by the bed, it can be used to store throw pillows, slippers or even blankets. Placed at the doorway, the bench can be used for storing shoes and bags. To clean, you just need to use a damp cloth.

Bench Dimensions: American Home Furnishing Retro Bench

The bench weighs 56 lbs. The height is 26 inches. The width is 56 inches and it is 16 inches deep. The bench is composed of leather and has handmade wood finishing.

The handmade design makes it look like an antique. The bench is black, but there is brown at the cushion. This gives it a marble like appearance. The bench can be used for sitting or as decoration for the bedside.

Although the bench is called retro, the bench fits nicely with rooms that have a contemporary design. The legs are wrapped in leather and have a tufted top. The bench style will complement espresso colored furniture. The bench is made from sturdy materials to ensure it lasts.

The bench dimensions will be the central point if it will be used for sitting or storage. However, the aesthetics will be more important if the item is for decoration purposes.

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