Size of Baby Bouncers

Baby bouncers are special types of chairs designed to make the baby bounce up and down as he plays with his toys. Some baby bouncers even have music or pre-recorded words and animal sounds.

Baby bouncers are usually good for babies around 6 months up to their early toddler years.

There are basically two types of baby bouncers that you can get: one that allows the baby to simply recline at different angles and one that allows the baby to sit on the bouncer as he would to a baby walker.

The size of baby bouncers therefore varies depending on which type you are going to get.

Size of Baby Bouncers

Other than the type of bouncer that you will be getting, the size of baby bouncers may also differ based on the manufacturer’s design and standards.

Reclined Baby Bouncers

Leading brands of baby toys and equipment have their own versions of these reclined baby bouncers. These usually have toys hanging overhead that the baby can look at and play with as the bouncer rocks back and forth.

The size of baby bouncers of this type is generally around 21 inches in height by 22.5 inches in width by 27.5 inches in length and weighs approximately 8.35 lbs.

There is a smaller size of baby bouncers that you can likewise find, manufactured by well-known baby brands. This is about 19 inches in height by 27 inches in length by 26 inches in width and weighs approximately 8 lbs.

Sit-Up Baby Bouncers

This type of baby bouncer is generally for older babies, from about ten months up to their toddler years. These usually have more toys the babies can play with often include special sound features.

The size of baby bouncers for this type is basically around 32 inches in width by 34 inches in height by 29 inches in depth. Since this is a sit-up type of bouncer where the baby’s feet are planted on the ground, the baby can also move the bouncer around with his feet.

Designs and Themes

There are plenty of designs to choose from when it comes to baby bouncers. The designs and themes are done in a way that will stimulate the baby’s motor skills as well as his sense of touch, hearing and sight.

These may come with animal toys, shapes and popular characters of different colors to make them more appealing to the baby which ultimately increases their enjoyment of their bouncers.

Baby bouncers are an excellent addition to the baby’s nursery as these provide hours of entertainment and also serve as a good learning tool.

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