Accoustic Guitar Dimensions

There are many different acoustic guitar dimensions evenAccoustic Guitar if you just check out models from a single brand. You’ll notice that guitars are often classified by body type, which gives you a good idea of the type of acoustic guitar you are looking at. Of the many dimensions you have in an acoustic guitar there are three that you need to pay attention to when purchasing one.

Important Acoustic Guitar Dimensions

There are three acoustic guitar dimensions that you need to pay attention to whenever you’re out to buy one. You should check out an acoustic guitar’s body depth, scale length, and nut width. We’ll go over each of them below:

Nut Width: This is a fairly important part of an acoustic guitar that is usually overlooked. A guitar’s nut is where the fret board and the headstock meet. The nut naturally determines the width between each of the strings on its side of the neck. Not only that, it also sets the height of the strings. It will also affect the sound quality of the strings when they are not fingered. Usual nut widths you’ll find will be about 43mm or 1 11/16".

Scale Length: The scale length of an acoustic guitar is measured from the nut, which is located on a guitar’s neck, to the bridge, which right at the saddle. Average scale lengths you’ll find will range from 24.75" to 25.25". However, do take note that scale lengths will vary widely depending on the model and brand of guitar. For example, the Yamaha Dreadnought, a popular body shape, will have a scale length of 650mm or 25 9/16".

Tip about scale lengths: There is less string tension if your guitar has a shorter scale length. However, longer scale lengths will give your guitar a lot more tone and will add to your sustain. You should expect guitars that have shorter scale lengths to be a lot easier to play. You can press down and bend strings a lot easier with a shorter scale length. The drawback with shorter scale length is that you will definitely get a fret buzz on some frets.

Body Depth: The depth of a guitar’s body is measured from its deepest point. This will determine the richness of the sound you will make from your guitar. The depth is an important acoustic guitar dimension along with the material the body is made of. These will induce the sonic characteristics of an acoustic guitar. Average body depth of acoustic guitars will range from 80-90mm to 100-125mm. Just remember that each model and brand will have various body depths.

These are three important acoustic guitar dimensions you have to think about when considering a guitar you want to purchase. Other than these dimensions you will also have to consider the body shape you want and the material the guitar is made of.

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