Cellphone Adapter Dimensions

Cell phone adapter dimensions differ. There are many adapters that are 2 1/2 inches long, 1 1/2 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches deep. But other models are much smaller. Just like with the cell phone itself, the adapter is becoming more compact. 
What is the Adapter?
The adapter (or power adapter) is the device that lets you charge the cell phone’s battery. Without it, you will not be able to power up your phone. 
Types of Adapters 
Majority of cell phones require that you use a specific type of adapter. However, there are some “universal” adapters that can be used with many cell phone models. You can check the cell phone manual for information on what adapters and chargers can be used. 
Make sure the adapter you use is compatible with the phone. Remember that all phones have specific current and voltage requirements. The adapter must match those needs. If not, you risk damaging the adapter or worse, the phone. Even if the cell phone adapter dimensions are the same, it is no guarantee that they are compatible. 
Taking Care of Power Adapters 
Do not bump or hit the adapter. Avoid exposing it to extreme heat. Do not pull the cord too much. Never use it on a damaged electric outlet. Do not twist the cords too much. These are not meant to be twisted around excessively. If the cord is damaged, you will no longer be able to use it. Do not put the device in a cold, wet place. 
The Adapter Socket Tip
The tip is the part that goes into the socket. If the adapter is compatible, you’ll be able to insert it into the phone socket effortlessly. Don’t force the tip in. Doing so might damage the tip pins. 
Forceful insertions may also bend the socket. If you force the tip in even if the socket is bent, the phone’s ground wire may get hooked up to the power supply. This can damage some of the electronics. 
Also keep in mind that adapters cannot withstand sudden large electrical charges. A sudden large spike can easily damage the device. It’s a good idea to have a backup charger just in case. 
The cell phone adapter dimensions will continue to change as time goes by. Today, many smartphones are equipped with USB power adapters. These adapters utilize the 5V output of the USB port. These are even smaller than the standard adapter. 

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